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Germany’s energy transition 2012: The visuals

In the last post, I gave some basic numbers for the status of the transition to renewable sources of electricity in Europe, circa 2012. But what does that look like, in terms of actual month-to-month, day-to-day and hour-to-hour function of Germany’s electricity system? Fortunately, the folks over at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) […]

Europe’s energy transition: 2012 numbers

The greatest energy story in the early 21st century is the necessary move to renewable energy. Over the last few weeks initial data on electricity production from renewable sources in Germany, Italy and Spain for the year 2012 has surfaced, giving a snapshot of the energy transition (energiewende) in these three nations. In short: Germany […]

CLEAN LA: Los Angeles passes a feed-in tariff… with limitations

Last Friday, the LADWP board of commissioners voted to approve a 100 MW expansion of the CLEAN LA program. Well, it wasn’t really an expansion, because the “FIT 100” is very different from the 10 MW “demonstration” program. Notably, the “FIT 100” resembles a real feed-in tariff, in that in offers producers of electricity from […]

Stunning photos of Ivanpah SEGS

Stunning photos of Ivanpah SEGS Photographer Jamey Stillings has produced some really stunning photos of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Systems, which when complete will be the world´s largest concentrating solar power (CSP) project. For those of you not familiar with CSP (also called solar thermal electric), it is a solar technology based on concentrating […]

On natural gas, the climate, and cowardice

Tonight my Twitter feed was gushing over not one, but two editorials from respected media outlets calling on President Obama to do something about Global Warming. Which, given the way that the mainstream media has avoided this issue, could be seen as a positive development. And it would be, if the media outlets in question […]