Monthly Archives: February 2013

The German coal myth

Now that I have established some basic facts about Europe’s energy transition (energiewende) in the past few posts, it is time to deal with some of the mythologies that have been widely propagated, including dramatic headlines in American and British press. The myth can be paraphrased as: because Germany is moving off nuclear power, the […]

Venezuela continues to supply heating oil to U.S. poor

Despite Hugo Chavez’s continuing absence, Venezuelan Petro-Populism appears to be continuing under his hand-picked successor VP Nicolás Maduro. In particular, state-owned oil company PDVSA’s subsidiary CITGO recently announced the latest donation of heating oil to low-income residents of the United States. Coverage by the Wall Street Journal This was a particularly interesting piece of international propaganda […]

Denmark hits 41% renewable energy… in 2011

Well, so far no new information as to how much electricity Denmark produced from renewables in 2012… mostly because I (still) don’t speak Danish. However, Paul Gipe of Wind-works has published information on Denmark in 2011, which indicates that renewable energy supplied 40.7% of the nation’s electricity in that year, including 28% from wind. Original […]