Denmark hits 41% renewable energy… in 2011

Well, so far no new information as to how much electricity Denmark produced from renewables in 2012… mostly because I (still) don’t speak Danish. However, Paul Gipe of Wind-works has published information on Denmark in 2011, which indicates that renewable energy supplied 40.7% of the nation’s electricity in that year, including 28% from wind.

Original article on Wind-works

According to the renewable energy nay-sayers among the “thought leaders” and associated bullshit artists, this isn’t possible. However, two things need to be considered. First is that groups of widely distributed wind farms are less variable than single wind turbines. Second is this little thing called international electricity markets, as explored in my last post. In this case, the Danes are continually trading electrons from wind (when wind is strong in Denmark) for Swedish and Norwegian electrons from hydro (when it isn’t). The International Energy Agency explored both of these issues in a 2008 report (see pages 11, 18):

Empowering Variable Renewables, IEA (2008)

In terms of the technical viability of the energy transformation, the facts speak for themselves.


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