Monthly Archives: March 2013

Breaking news: Mainstream media finally admits renewable energy is viable

Today my social media universe is ablaze with Elisabeth Rosenthal’s New York Times article “Life After Oil and Gas”, which is groundbreaking, but not exactly the way it is usually described. First, a concern. Rosenthal casts oil and gas vs. renewables for electricity production in the United States, which is an all-too-common fallacy. In the […]

I’ve seen the future and it looks like Masdar

My apologies to my readers that EnergyMediaSociety has been slow this last month. I’ve been swamped, among other things, with a trip to Abu Dhabi as the guest of Masdar for the inauguration of the Shams 1 CSP plant – which was amazing. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about Shams 1. […]