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The Jacobson debate: Distractions, detours and the Energy Transition

About six weeks ago, a think tank in London, Climate Policy Initiative, released a study on integrating high levels of renewable energy. It wasn’t the first such study; many others have been done, including a series by the U.S. DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory that looked at penetrations up to 90% renewable energy on U.S. […]

Vision is needed: a response to Julian Spector

Vision is needed: a response to Julian Spector Last week I found myself in a social media spat about the credibility of the main source cited in an article written by Julian Spector on Greentech Media. The central theme of the article is a stance against the 100% renewable energy mandate proposed by California Senate […]

Why I am not covering the Clean Power Plan lawsuit

If you follow mainstream climate and energy reporting, you would think that as a renewable energy reporter, I would be all over the arguments being made this week in the legal challenge to the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) by the criminally deluded leaders of 27 states and whatever assorted coal industry super villains […]

Flawed arguments: A critique of “Upper Limit to Variable Renewable Energy”

My readers will pardon that I am, for the third time in a row, writing a piece inspired by a post by David Roberts of Vox. Unlike most of the media David Roberts is writing intelligent articles about what I consider to be the most critical issue of our time, the global transition to renewable […]

The Jacobson Plan: 100% renewable energy in the United States

This week a team led by Stanford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Mark Jacobson presented the latest results of its work on the technical and economic feasibility of moving the United States to 100% renewable energy by 2050. This includes state-by-state assessments and covers all forms of energy: Electricity, transit, heat and industry. Their […]

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there: A response to “The awful truth about Climate Change”

My readers will pardon that it has taken me a full week to respond fully to David Roberts’ post in Vox, “The Awful Truth in Climate Change”. I’ve been busy as usual with other matters this last week, and frankly it took me a little while to fully articulate what I have to say here. […]

Energy Transition: Denmark, Spain and Portugal

IEEE Spectrum has published John Bernhardt’s and my article on the Energy Transition in Denmark, Spain and Portugal, the nations I consider to be leaders for the transition to renewables in the electricity sector. This article was inspired by conversations around my critique of Vaclav Smil’s book “Energy Transitions”. One of my critiques of Smil […]