I recently found myself a Twitter debate about transportation and greenhouse gas emissions, which started from the question of whether or not solar could replace oil. This is really a question about transportation, which I don’t normally write about, as the focus of my work in the Energy Transition has been the electricity and heating […]

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18 The spectacle of 300,000-400,000 people marching in the streets of New York City on the issue of the threat we face from our changing climate was an wonderful thing, and a frankly overdue level of attention for this, the greatest challenge to our civilization. And […]

I was greatly disappointed today to see Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s study, Two degrees of separation: ambition and reality: low-carbon-economy-index-2014, reprinted in an unquestioned form in multiple publications including Vox and Grist. I have a lot of respect for PWC’s work and have covered their reports in the past. This one is highly flawed, and there are a number […]

A few weeks ago 350 Massachusetts and Better Future Project published a report laying out exactly why natural gas is no solution for the climate. A Bridge Too Far was created by the 350 Mass Policy Team, of which I am a member. Credit of authorship goes to Joshua Jackson; however I helped vet this […]

I frequently find myself feeling somewhat schizophrenic in the world of the American media. I will be looking at a reality which has very clear features (to me), and I will find it being nearly universally described as something very different. Case in point is the EPA’s announcement today of CO2 regulations for existing power […]

I hope that my readers will forgive a rather lengthy absence from posting. In the last few months, among other things I have completed an article for Solar Server (my day job) on Latin American PV markets, which was many months in the making. The gist is this: Latin America is an exciting place for […]

Having just finished Energy Transitions, the work of widely lauded energy historian and polymath writer Vaclav Smil, I am left disappointed. I must admit that I had high expectations. The book was referred to me by a senior environmental journalist, and given Smil’s reputation I was expecting a very well researched, careful collection of coherent […]


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