I hope that my readers will forgive a rather lengthy absence from posting. In the last few months, among other things I have completed an article for Solar Server (my day job) on Latin American PV markets, which was many months in the making. The gist is this: Latin America is an exciting place for […]

Having just finished Energy Transitions, the work of widely lauded energy historian and polymath writer Vaclav Smil, I am left disappointed. I must admit that I had high expectations. The book was referred to me by a senior environmental journalist, and given Smil’s reputation I was expecting a very well researched, careful collection of coherent […]

My readers will forgive the delay in posting, and also that before I get to my exploration of Breakthrough Institute’s possible motives for misleading the public on the state of the solar industry, I bring some breaking news. This last Friday, California’s utility-scale solar PV & CSP (concentrating solar power, also known as solar thermal […]

Last week, I had the interesting experience of reading a piece which casts doubt on the future growth of global solar markets, “How Fast Are The Costs Of Solar Really Coming Down?”, by the Breakthrough Institute (BTI) and specifically Alex Trembath. This was novel for me as I don’t read this perspective often. Most of […]

Things are changing rapidly on California’s electric grid, and they point the way to the future. In early June 2013 SCE announced that it would permanently shutter 2.25 GW of operating capacity at the remaining two reactors at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in San Diego. And late last week, PG&E shut down the […]

A beacon in the desert: The Shams 1 Solar Energy Center Yesterday Solar Server published my full article on the Shams 1 CSP plant, the world’s largest concentrating solar power (CSP) plant and the first of its kind in the Middle East. While this article took longer than I would have liked to complete and […]

Today my social media universe is ablaze with Elisabeth Rosenthal’s New York Times article “Life After Oil and Gas”, which is groundbreaking, but not exactly the way it is usually described. First, a concern. Rosenthal casts oil and gas vs. renewables for electricity production in the United States, which is an all-too-common fallacy. In the […]


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