Rarely have I seen so much uncritical gushing from both Climate Change activists and the American Left as on the release of Naomi Klein’s latest work, This Changes Everything, which aims at the relationship between our economic system (Neoliberal or “free-market” Capitalism) and Climate Change. This lauding of praise to me is puzzling, although I understand […]

I recently found myself a Twitter debate about transportation and greenhouse gas emissions, which started from the question of whether or not solar could replace oil. This is really a question about transportation, which I don’t normally write about, as the focus of my work in the Energy Transition has been the electricity and heating […]

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18 The spectacle of 300,000-400,000 people marching in the streets of New York City on the issue of the threat we face from our changing climate was an wonderful thing, and a frankly overdue level of attention for this, the greatest challenge to our civilization. And […]

I was greatly disappointed today to see Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s study, Two degrees of separation: ambition and reality: low-carbon-economy-index-2014, reprinted in an unquestioned form in multiple publications including Vox and Grist. I have a lot of respect for PWC’s work and have covered their reports in the past. This one is highly flawed, and there are a number […]

A few weeks ago 350 Massachusetts and Better Future Project published a report laying out exactly why natural gas is no solution for the climate. A Bridge Too Far was created by the 350 Mass Policy Team, of which I am a member. Credit of authorship goes to Joshua Jackson; however I helped vet this […]

I frequently find myself feeling somewhat schizophrenic in the world of the American media. I will be looking at a reality which has very clear features (to me), and I will find it being nearly universally described as something very different. Case in point is the EPA’s announcement today of CO2 regulations for existing power […]

I hope that my readers will forgive a rather lengthy absence from posting. In the last few months, among other things I have completed an article for Solar Server (my day job) on Latin American PV markets, which was many months in the making. The gist is this: Latin America is an exciting place for […]


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