What does a tutor do? All you need to know.

The naivete of those who study foreign languages ​​at times exceeds their desire to master the same language. For this reason, what does a tutor do that ill-conceived decisions are used, at least in terms of choosing a tutor. And as a "reward" - the result is far from expected. Let's talk about adults, because children are often deprived of the opportunity to personally choose their teacher and are in constant dependence on the opinion of their parents and their budget.

How to choose a tutor and what should he really do during class? Let's talk about it so that next time we don't “buy a pig in a poke” and complain that “I've been studying English with a tutor for three years and still don't know the language”.

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How do you usually choose your tutor?And what does a tutor do

According to reviews. According to what "the neighbor Masha said" and "Here is Igor Petrovich's son studying." For the price of the issue. It is noteworthy that in the matter of choosing a tutor, no strategy for determining quality by price can guarantee success. That is, "the more expensive, the better", as well as "what to pay for here - let's take cheaper" do not work here.By location, if the student will independently visit the teacher. Everything!

Although no, they still choose according to fashion trends. As a rule, such a choice (unless fashion and nothing else is the engine of progress) stops at the native speaker. And what does a tutor do it doesn't matter that the student has a zero level, but a carrier and not a teacher at all, but a former foreman at a construction site who came to Russia for a higher salary.Not everyone approaches the solution of this problem structurally and meaningfully. And it would be worth it.What does informed choice mean?This is, first of all, taking responsibility for the result - knowledge of a foreign language - upon yourself! You do not choose a tutor to teach you. And to learn with it! Do you feel the difference? The teacher's task is to “pave the way for you” from the point where you are now to the desired level of language proficiency.

What should happen when choosing a tutor?

First of all what does a tutor do, you must have a trial lesson and mandatory testing (oral and written) to determine your level of language proficiency. It's a must! As they say in Russia, those who know English. If it doesn't, run! In the opposite direction from the tutor. A good tutor is not that without testing, without a face-to-face interview at the start, you will not be accepted as a student. For teaching you a language is not just putting the Present Simple in place with the same Continuous and solidifying a couple of thousand words. It is impossible to teach an adult a language, if you do not first understand his goals and objectives, his motivation, with his cognitive abilities and psychological difficulties in language learning. You will be surprised, but it is important for a tutor to have a general idea of ​​the student's health (just don’t dump all your diagnoses in detail on the teacher! Be merciful!). For bad memory can be nothing more than a symptom of an impending illness. And in this case is not nessesary what does a tutor do, it is no longer up to the tutor. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

What does a tutor do in class?

Plan. Do I have a plan? (c) Did your tutor offer you a training program? This is the next step for the educator. Has he informed you about the number of hours that will have to be spent on mastering the material? And with a breakdown into work with a teacher, homework and language practice? Of course, the numbers will be approximate. A more accurate understanding will come after the start of classes. What kind of practice? The use of the language in the “field conditions” - at work, on vacation, in language speaking clubs. When neither a teacher nor a familiar textbook with a dictionary is nearby, but you need to listen-understand-speak-and be understood. Without such "extracurricular activities" it will be difficult to check the real progress towards the goal. And also identify places for additional study with a tutor. What does a tutor do else? Get ready to be surprised. The tutor does not have to talk much in class. And here we are not talking about abstract topics, but including those that correspond to the chosen course. You learn the language, you need to speak more. Otherwise, the tutor will simply “eat” your time with his “chatter”. You are an adult and you can read grammar rules at home on your own. But to explain the incomprehensible of them is the task of the tutor. Lesson time costs you money. And it should be used to your maximum benefit. Homework may sound like a sentence for an adult. Where else is her, if the wife, children, cat and thoughts about daily bread and tomorrow's scheduled meeting at work are at home? So you decided to learn the language or what? So, what does a tutor do for it?A language cannot be learned without integration into your everyday life (and do not believe any charlatans who promise knowledge in ... eleven lessons). Homework is part of the integration. And how much time and time depends on how successfully you cope with it.

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If it has arrived in one place, then it has definitely disappeared in another. Physics connoisseurs admit this law of conservation of energy. And may the quality of homework arrive, and may the time with the material costs of learning the language be reduced. Something like this. A tutor in class should guide and set landmarks, correct your progress towards the goal, inspire, if you like. But don't do everything for you. Ideally, what does a tutor do: if he will not only work with you on the selected educational and methodological complex, but also provide additional materials for study. Quietly, in a whisper, let us hint that not a single, even the most vaunted textbook, provides enough exercises for working out, repeating and consolidating at least the same words. The task of the tutor is to constantly immerse you in situations that will encourage recycling and repetition of vocabulary, grammar, etc. Oh, how cool they spoke! In practice, this means that the more often you come across a particular word, the better it will be remembered.

Signs of a Conscientious Tutor

How to choose a tutor and what does a tutor do? Complex issue. But there are several signs that can help you with your choice, although they do not guarantee that you will not miss out on a talented teacher or, conversely, you will not start working with the wrong tutor. Note that we are talking about mathematics, physics, programming. But for other subjects, most of the requirements also fit. A great example is the professional service Essaypro.com. Here you can hire an experienced writer who will serve you as a good tutor. He help you write a high-quality paper and improve your writing level.

The first sign from what does a tutor do

More than 70% of the lesson is spoken by the tutor. It can be a lecture or a dialogue with a student, but not rare phrases that bear little resemblance to a coherent explanation. If the tutor offers a problem, and the student solves it in silence for a long time (more than 5 minutes, say), then this is like doing homework, and not like a lesson with a teacher. It is the explanation that is the most energy-consuming component of the lesson, because the tutor, tired of life, avoids words, preferring to control the student's work in silence (or count the minutes until the end of the lesson).

The second sign

More than 90% of the teacher's words are precisely the explanation of the current topic of the lesson. The fact is that some tutors get carried away with abstract conversations (sometimes for such an atmosphere they specifically offer the student tea or coffee) to such an extent that instead of a lesson, there is a kind of heart-to-heart conversation. Such conversations are useful for the child, because usually he does not have such a trusting relationship with his parents on some issues as with a teacher. An experienced tutor, what does a tutor do: can help you choose a direction in life, warn you about the mistakes of youth, and so on. However, this is not a sign of conscientious work. Only about 10% of the time can be spent on lyrical digressions as a methodological technique for smooth transition between topics or complex tasks. In order not to waste your time, it is enough to request to https://domyessay.com. This service will completely change your approach to learning.

The third sign

The tutor works with only one student, unless it was agreed that the classes will be in groups. The situation when a student comes to class and sees two more of his peers in the room, one in the kitchen and three on the balcony, is unacceptable. There can be no question of any efficiency. "Teaching" is clearly not a priority for such a tutor.

The fourth sign from what does a tutor do

The tutor sets a home lesson, with a margin and corresponding to the topic. The main work of the student takes place at home, and nothing can replace it. Therefore, the absence of homework significantly reduces the effectiveness of training. Conscientious tutors know this. The situation when a tutor sets a homework that does not agree well with the tasks that were discussed with him in the lesson is also unacceptable. The student will spend time on problems that he, in principle, cannot solve (only in moments of inspiration, when it is possible to make a discovery of an unfamiliar fact at the level of a theorem). One or two tasks of such complexity, which are the last on the home list and about which the teacher warned, are acceptable.

Fifth sign

On the part of the tutor, what does a tutor do there are no loud promises and guarantees. During the first lessons, the tutor tries to find out the level of knowledge and character of the student in order to choose the style of work. It is impossible to do this before class, therefore, the tutor, in principle, cannot promise much. It may well turn out that the tutor honestly refuses to cooperate (in general, this is quite a frequent occurrence). There can be many reasons. For example, with a small number of activities, it is required to reach prohibitive heights, and the child does not know elementary topics. Or the character of the child is so spoiled that it is pointless to try to teach, because success requires patience, diligence and honesty on the part of the student. Or the child has health problems, and classes in complex subjects are contraindicated for him. An unscrupulous tutor is concerned only with his own achievements and profits, therefore he is ready for anything, considering students as material for his success, not realizing that this causes serious harm to the child, and his family, and himself.