The money survey 2015 results

What’s on this page?

How does it feel to live in a student budget?

Food also takes part in the student budget, with 23 having to pay rent and other expenses on the threshold of a healthy diet or as often as you should

-Sometimes I have to

-I’ve been living with crackers or crackers for two weeks. Which definitely doesn’t help you concentrate in class

-Student rent

-My service credit doesn’t even cover expenses

-I was fine with the money. Maybe it’s because I’m not following a typical student’s life

-My loan initially went to rent and accounts, but my living expenses come from my part-time work

-I personally think the students are ridicuers

How do the students support themselves?

-I worked at McDonald’s before trying

-Was there a paid medical study where I was?

-I met a girl the night she said she wanted to

-I’m broken, my overdraft is empty, I’ve got two

-I feel the damage I’m causing

-I should have been. “

-I hired my dog

-He’s got a stranger

-Trust training (mostly

-To take the blame for someone

-Get off my friend

-I couldn’t do it

Where’s the money going?

This year, on average, monthly expenses are increased by 10 pounds, which may reflect the more reasonable way in which students aspire

Rent is still the highest price, which is exactly half of the total cost

The students were funding students

The above results show that the average student spends £ 745 a month in 2015. When you think that the average service credit (for a student living outside of London) covers only 480 pounds of the cost of living every month, it leaves students with an extra £ 265 or more to find every month

How many savings do students have?

While credit for service is not enough to move on, more than half of the students we talked about had savings of less than 500 pounds (or to put it in perspective, just over one month of rent for most people). That leaves a lot of emergency money or an egg’s nest to help with life after we

-I would have saved a lot of money if I knew how expensive a student

-Like a low-income student I get incredibly generous numbers

-I live in London completely rinse

-Don’t come in with savings, my parents and my work at home

-It’s upsetting you when you pay a multiple

Where do students apply for dates?

Considering that an increasing number of students are struggling to cope with the rent and cost of living, it is important to think about who or where they are being treated in a state of emergency

The students told us that before they went to their university, they would prefer to seek financial assistance from their bank, friends or employer. Here are our full conclusions:

It seems that in their lifetime, when students look to become more financially independent, most still depend on parents for financial support. However, a third of the respondents also consider that they do not receive enough assistance from their parents

This is a more complicated question: many students are disappointed by the strain of higher education on the household budget (something that the students really know)

A lot of people feel guilty

Tom Levin of the National Association of Student Money Advisors, comments: “ My advice to students and parents will be to get acquainted with the support services in their institutions:

-I went to the university

-[ In Brighton] are ours

-The university, if you have a price

-I’m learning how

-I feel bad about my parents giving me a benefit. I’d like to

The student loan system isn’t fair until I get the minimum, but my parents are betting

-I think it’s true

-Unfortunately, it’s easy

-Students must be

How well do students live in a toilet?

Even though many students worry about money or work hard, a quarter don’t care

How much choice does it make for the cost of living?

We have looked at the depth of the student budget in different parts of the country, focusing on three key spending: rent, travel and socialization

When testing how much is not going to bring you back, it is good to compare how costs differ across the country

In general, he still pays to the north, with

One aspect of the budget that you don’t want to underestimate is travel, and students tell us that they pay an average of 48 pounds a month across the UK, while students in Yorkshire are paying

This is one figure, which is tied to cheaper housing, but, while it can be cheaper and move on from campus, it can inflate your travel expenses to get there and back every day, even with

This year, the study showed a slight increase in the cost of getting your pinks, while the students, putting aside only £ 67/month, talked. Subsidized spending on campus and student discounts in other places is important for receiving

A low monthly expenditure does not correspond to the cliché of students allegedly living on the easy street, leaving us to wonder how easy it is to get away from the stress of learning and survivors. Fortunately, we have everything you need to get your kick free or cheap

-It’s the first month

-I don’t buy booze is a brilliant way to save

-I’m here in juie with 3000 pounds of savings … As a result, it was all in the first year, because

Is the university good for students?

Finally, we wanted to know how valuable students think they will be. We asked two questions to help answer the question: whether students think that their course is a good value for money, and how confident they are that they gain experience or work full-time after graduation

Only 2 out of 5 (40%) were sure to find work later

I’m a medical student, so I’m almost there

-I’m paying £ 9,000 a year

-Find stable work after school

-The university is too expensive and it’s not enough

The benefits of graduation to a certain degree and a well-paid career

It is clear that much remains to be done so that students can accelerate the planning process for a department store and know where to get help when a shilling hits a fan. But ultimately, students ‘ finances need to urgently review the size of the basic loan that it grants to all students to help cover basic living expenses

Save your editor, Owen Burek:

1 of 2 students tell us that they don’t understand the terms of the loan, but they sign up for debts that are not appropriate for the purpose. Service credits do not reflect real living conditions, regional differences and the ability of parents to contribute-frankly, they have nothing to do with individual circumstances and students ‘ needs

We filled a gap in knowledge management knowledge for thousands of us. “

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  • Source: National Student Money Survey 2015/
  • Poll: 1,900 students in the UK and 1-12 June 2015
  • Statistics for 2014 are taken from the same survey conducted last year (