How to complete the self assessment tax return

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Independence from work is great and there is

This may seem like a complex task that will take you hours, but our guide will help you make the same process

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Do you need a self-assessment tax return?

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Most people get income tax

But if you make money in other ways (for example, from

You should receive a self-evaluation tax return if you are:

  • Not self-employed, but you do
  • Other revenue streams required to return the self-assessment tax are:

  • The money you make
  • How to introduce an HMRC tax return

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    Log in to the HMRC

    First, you need to sign in first

    If you've presented the tax return before, but they didn' t send one for the last tax year, you'll probably have to re-register

    As soon as you log in, you'll get it

    You will be sent the code within 10 working days that you want to use to activate your account on the network

    Remember that the deadline for registration is earlier than the deadline for completing the tax return

    Give your tax return

    First, you need to collect all the information necessary to return the taxes. That includes yours

    On this note, make sure you keep all the quiders and applications, and do not throw them away after you return to the tax system. You're being asked to present things until six years later, and it may be a nightmare if you don't have them with your hand

    You can fill in your tax return by filling in the paper form or filling it online, but if you select the paper option, make sure that you send enough time to meet the deadline

    The form may seem frightening, but to bear in mind that you only need to fill out

    In fact, if you are doing this online, the form will automatically respond to your answers and delete sections that do not apply to you. Moreover, you can save and return at any time, if you can't take all this in one case

    Remember, you have to report it

    If you earn a credit threshold for students (£ 25,725 per year), you will also have to multiply in yours

    Pay for the GMG

    This is what becomes real-it's time to pay the tax! How much tax you owe this

    You can pay the tax in this way

    It is best to save money for this purpose throughout the year, or you can install it

    If the deadline falls on weekends or bank vacations, make sure that your payment is up to HMRC on the last working day before (if you do not pay Faster Payment or Debit/

    There are many different methods of payment, but bear in mind that some methods take more time than others, so you will have to take this into account to make sure that you do not miss the deadline (and face the penalty)

    Same or next monetary tax

    -Electronic or telephone banking (Faster Payments)

    Three working days

    Five business days

    -Direct debit, if you have any

    As soon as you have paid, check your online account HMRC to ensure that the payment is paid-it will take three to six working days to be shown as fee-paying

    Tax return deadlines

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    Your duty is to send the tax return by the set deadline, which is always:

    But don't forget that you can apply for tax returns at any time from the end of the tax year (April 5, 2019)

    The registration deadline for self-assessment is earlier, so don't leave it till the last minute!

    Tax deadlines for return by 2019

    If you miss the deadline, you'll have to pay the fine

    Charges on the account

    Account payments are mainly due

    You make two payments per year, unless your last tax account was less than £ 1,000, or you already paid more than 80% of the tax you should have

    Each payment is half of the previous year's tax account and must be at midnight on 31 January and 31 July. If you still have taxes after these payments, you will pay the balance at midnight on 31 January of the following year

    Note that the account payments do not include anything you need for student loans

    What happens if you miss the tax return deadline?

    If you missed the tax refund due date

    In some circumstances, you can

    Excuss that may be successful include the partner's recent death or unexpectedly long stay at the hospital, but they are evaluated on a case-by-case basis